Saturday, 27 July 2013

Samsung galaxy Note 2 ScreenDisplay is a Real Wonder.!

Following the release of Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung announced another next generation phone for its users – the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It is another super size mobile device from Samsung that is expected to create the same overhaul like the previous release. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a much more modernized phone than Samsung Galaxy Note having pixel density, dimension, size, camera, memory, processor, etc.

Different Specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The display screen of this smartphone is what attracts the users most. Besides, this Samsung smartphone operates on Android OS 4.1. This smartphone is expected to come equipped with 16 or 32 GB internal storage capacity, 1.5 GB RAM and S Pen feature that enables you to write or draw. The 8 megapixel front camera having LED flash facilitates you to have the privilege of video calling.
This is not the end, there are many other such tempting features. Note 2 supports two connection options – HSPA+ and LTE. Crop picture of all size without any hazard with Samsung Note 2. The Pen of this mobile device provides you this facility.
Awesome Screen Display Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Tweak in Samsung Galaxy Note 2

A tweak in this new Samsung mobile device is its screen. The screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is bigger than the previous version. This phone will give you 5.5” Super AMOLED display. The real excitement of this phone is the flexibility of its screen. Hold on; don’t think that you can literally bend the display screen. Samsung does not allow you to fold the screen altogether, it has only adapted the technology half way.   ‘Flexible screen’ means the display of this Samsung phone is made of flexible materials which have the ability to withstand greater stress than the glass smartphone screen displays.
No more fear of cracking your mobile display even if you drop it accidentally. Such flexible is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 display! Will it really be so? The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 display is so flexible that in case you drop this new Samsung smartphone on some rock, there is a chance of it to bounce back. Yes, this is true although it may sound unbelievable. Try the same with a glass display smartphone and you will surely fall into trouble. Hence, never try this with normal phones.
You may be wondering what makes the screen so flexible. The Note 2 5.5” display is constituted of a plastic substrate and UBP or unbreakable plane that has reduced the thickness of the screen by 0.4mm. As a result, the battery life of this mobile device is enhanced by reduction in power consumption. Other specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 include quad-core 1.6GHz processor and a slightly improved screen resolution.
Are you excited to use this new Samsung Note? Wait for a few days more and check whether this screen display is really fascinating. This mobile phone cum tablet is about to launch this month only. A new revolution is about to take place in the gadget world very soon! The surprise is not too far from you!

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